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Please note that starting from Wednesday...
Published on 12 November 2014

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Published on 14 April 2014


Welcome to the home page of Italy Visa Application Center. This site is designed to offer a range of services which would make the visa application procedure simple, accessible and more convenient for Italy visa applicants in Shanghai zone.

Our application Center is open from Monday through Friday and no prior appointments are necessary to submit the application. We also offer courier service for return of passports at your doorstep at additional cost.

Once you have applied for a visa through our application Center, you can track the status of your passport online.

For more information on Italy Visa, please visit for Italian for English.

It is important that you view our news and notices page, when you visit our website.

This is to inform all Chinese and foreign citizens willing to apply for an Italian Visa, about the following:

  1. Appointments and visa applications can be asked and presented personally to the Visa Centre (IVAC) located at 3rd floor, Guangdong Development Tower, No. 555 Xujiahui Road, Shanghai. The intervention of a travel agent is accepted but not required;
  2. Appointments can be given only by the officially appointed IVAC and no urgency fees are requested in order to obtain appointments and visas (according to Italian rules & regulations on the issue);
  3. Chinese and foreign citizens are kindly and friendly asked to avoid organizations or individuals claiming to be able to speed up appointments and visa processing behind payment of money.